Monday, March 31, 2014

New Ways Of Loving!

It's time to change! Yes, I have loved the best and most that I possibly can with the tools that I have been given. It has come to my attention that I have still held some shame in my subconscious. As one of my friends says: SHAME Should Have Already Mastered Everything!

This process of unfolding and uncovering my true nature is a beautiful one. The longer I am here on Earth, the more of me I unearth. That small voice within is growing in strength, and I am beginning to hear the call of that creative little creature that I truly am. My own inner child is magical, alive, bright, hopeful, and ready to try anything. She wants to be creative. She wants to play. She wants to participate. She wants to love and be loved. She wants to sing loud and become a part of this symphony. She wants to join you! One of my primary lessons that I learned (first when I was an actor, then as in instructor, and now as a writer) is that when I allow myself to be completely and freely myself, with abandon, that you reveal more of yourself to me. So let's make a pact today. Let's play. Let's be completely aligned with our true selves and find where we meet. From this place, let's invent something new. Let's organize ourselves in ways that have yet to be explored. Let's be free and open and trust that we are exactly in the right place at exactly the right time. There is no more that we need to master in order to prepare for this moment. There is no other who has what I have or what you have. Each of us is properly positioned and ready to get set and go! When I trust this process and myself more, I trust you, and then I allow. And this is the new way of loving. You be you and me be me. Self-acceptance is the key to my loving. In fact, the only part of me that needs to change is the way I see myself—the way I love myself!

Take a moment to write yourself a love letter today. Get a picture of your little self and look that being straight in the eye and pour all of your love out. And I will do the same!

Hi little one,

Look at that fire in your eyes. I see that spark. I match it with my love! I see that wisdom, wit, and charm. I even see a bit of a little rascal in you, and I celebrate that. Let's spend the entire week together and do only what we please. I hold you in the highest regard and honor your needs and wishes. I hold you in my heart, mind, body and spirit all week long, and with each action I take this week, I put you first. You are the most important in the world to me, and I cherish you with all my heart.

LOVE, Big Mandy

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