Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Forward!

Springtime is the best time of year to set your intentions. Timing and going with the flow can help to make manifestation a lot easier, for nature reflects back our very own spirit. You are just like a wild flower! (See above photo of myself at the Sidda Flower Essence booth at Expo West holding wildflower bombs. These seedlings are colorful like me and you.) Once we have done our self-discovery and ruminated in the Winter, we Spring forward into action. Ask yourself: What are some of the actions you can take towards your goals? Consider your body, health and well being, your emotions and relationships, as well as faithful practices like meditation or prayer. Create a list and commit to one action step for each goal per day.

One of my favorite ways to plant seeds is with my vision board. Section off different areas to represent all aspects of your life, and create the life you want. The eyes love to drink in these images, evoking an emotional response in the heart which will motivate physical actions. Before you know it, you will be manifesting your intentions effortlessly!


You can make your vision board on a piece of poster board and hang it somewhere inspirational.

- Poster board
- Magazines
- Photos
- Colored markers
- Yellow highlighter
- Glue stick
- Personal photos
- Glitter, sequins, or anything else you can think of!

Begin by outlining the entire poster board in yellow with your highlighter. Yellow is the color associated with the third chakra at the center of the body. Imagine a spinning wheel of energy behind your belly button. It directly connects you with your willpower, desire, and identity. Marking your board with this colored marker declares to the universe: This is what I want!

Tear out or cut out all the images that you love and that speak to you. I like to include lots of pictures from nature and the cosmos. Travel magazines, National Geographic, and magazines with lots of pictures work very well. Arrange your collage in any way you like.

Please join me at the end of Spring for my Love Your Body Into Shape With Intention workshop at The Omega Institute in NYC. We will recreate ourselves together with vision boards, yoga and other tools!

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