Monday, March 17, 2014


Quite simply, what brings you joy? Joy is a pretty good indicator that you are hitting your stride on the right path. Notice the feelings that arise as you move easily through your day. Pain is also something to pay attention to. This is an indicator that something needs to be shifted. So become more curious about your pain as well. When you feel this feeling, simply observe and accept it. Do nothing but feel the feeling. My tendency is to put the focus on the cause of the pain (usually another person), however, that victim mentality is no longer the work for me. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of my patterns and getting tired of being in pain, wanting things to be different than they are and wishing they would (or magically that the other person would change). I have been in the thick of it, and it is a dead end for me. More and more, I realize that I create this feeling all on my own, not wanting to take responsibility and make a shift within. I am looking to become more whole within myself. More self-contained and connected with spirit. That feeling of bliss, the feeling of the 'yes', of moving towards the joy, is an indicator that we are moving towards spirit and is quite fulfilling, for we cannot simply curb our addiction to painful feelings; we must replace them with something positive.

As you move through the world this week, pay special attention to what helps to make you feel good. Make your list of favorite things. Each day, practice something on this list.

For me:
  1. An entirely free ME day
  2. Watching a sunset 
  3. Chatting with a friend over a tea
  4. The elements: being outside (riding with the top down is included here)
  5. Kissing
  6. Moving my body vigorously
  7. Handwriting in my journal 
  8. Coffee
  9. The ocean
  10. Helping someone and expecting nothing in return

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  1. Thank you so much,hope you have a WONDERFUL week!!! Your words always come in the right moment ^_^