Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy 2015! I don't know if you are feeling it, but I can sense the new adventure that is before me this year. There have been many twists and turns over the last couple of years, but this new energy feels different. I have landed squarely in my new “asana” and am claiming it. Simplicity is the key to my clarity. First and foremost: a call to healthy habits, and paring down whatever is not necessary. Certain friends, habits, foods and tasks have been pruned from my daily life. I am finding solace in the solitude. Once I mellowed from the missing, I was left with what is essential. And so I sit to write the next chapter. Join me, if you like. I have several events that are open to all. The first will be online. On March 25th,we will take a 28-day journey together on Diet Bets. This four week challenge, although result oriented, is actually an opportunity to come together as I support you through your short term diet goals. Suggested food plan, would be one of the three options in your Yogalosophy book, but you can choose to commit to any food plan suits you. I will provide daily coaching and inspiration, along with exercises, journal questions and healthy tips like the ones below. In August, you may join me in person for a weekend workshop at the Omega Institute. Vision Boards, Yogalosophy and more in the oasis of the prestigious Omega retreat center.

Healthy habits are the cornerstone of all that you are looking to create in the world. Create your daily check-list and make your routine a no brainer. 

Some ideas:
  Begin the day with warm water and half a lemon to cleanse and get your system going.
  Incorporate probiotics to aid digestion.
  Meditate in the morning for 15 minutes.
  Write your thoughts, or gratitude list before you begin your day.
  Move your body 5 days a week: walk, yoga, hike, or a brand new class.
  Finish your day with 2 ounces apple cider vinegar, 2 ounces of Aloe juice diluted in water.
  Dry brush your body before bed.

   Make a loving connection with a living being each day.

Monday, January 5, 2015

One Small Step For A Great Lifestyle Change

When asked what small, simple step a woman could take to make lifestyle changes, I envisioned a woman who pleases herself. As women, we are in an ongoing dance of pleasing others through our multitude of relationships and roles we play. In some sense, equality has amounted to women over-doing. Not only are we now raised to support ourselves, but are expected to juggle family, beauty, health, whilst maintaining a serene attitude conquering the world and the work place, with just the right sense of humor, surrounded by our tribe of equally fabulous women. All this, plus, oh yeah, finding ways to be in some version of an evolved relationship.

As I move through my life, I find myself more frequently asking, am I doing this for me? Who is this for? Is this a desire coming from within, or an expectation I am living up to? The answer to this question is so faint, that the place where I find it is in the quiet stillness of my heart. The absolute best way for me to hear that truth is through meditation. Meditation can sound daunting, but let me make this accessible to you. Sitting in stillness and observing the present moment, which does include the nature of the “monkey mind”, is just another muscle. As going to the gym and engaging new muscles is, at first, a challenge, when the magic of repetition forms a new daily habit, like brushing your teeth, sitting and becoming present as you focus on your breath is simply a trip to the inner gym. Your meditation muscles will strengthen and you will soon go from 5 minutes being a struggle, to sitting for 20 minutes, or even an hour.

Following the call of your inner truth allows you to be an activist for all women. Taking time to connect with your inner compass is a lifestyle change I recommend, and I plan on following in 2015. That, and drinking more water.