Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Summer Vacation

 As the sun shines upon me like a bright spot light on the center stage of my Summer, I find myself on an adventure in Morocco. I am steeped in a foreign culture and new customs, languages I do not speak, music I don't understand and I am soaking it all in. Life is just like a drama; a play. Be willing to play your role with gusto and remember that these moments in time are fleeting. One thing I can say for age is that this concept feels more many moments of my life, now gone, were half lived. Today I remain open, present and grateful, for I only have today. 
Our collective environment around the first leg of Summer has been eye-opening, nerve-wracking and down-right disturbing. What role are you playing during these turbulent and exciting times? Change is occurring; that is certain. It's time to speak up, take a stand and be yourself. I have been examining my own views, fears and position on so many topics. It feels most important to go within to check with my heart before I express that outwardly. How can I take more responsibility, and where can I be more open as I move through this rumbling and tumbling world? I find it particularly interesting that I am visiting a primarily Muslim culture amidst our xenophobic American attitudes. I can tell you that from where I sit, the people are good, lovely and simply living their lives in as wholesome a way as possible. I have adjusted completely to burkas, donkeys and no helmets on cyclists. I have even seen two accidents that were dealt with calmly. Ive seen goats up close and men pausing for prayer on the regular. 
My inner strength comes from the pauses that I find in my thinking. I can admit that I had fears traveling at this time and into an Islamic culture, but fears did not hold me back. Now that I am here, I wonder what I was so worried about. How many other adventures and experiences have I cut myself off from due to my unwarranted fears and ideas that I have been fed. Of course, I am human. I must use my tools to detach myself from the national conditioning that I have been insidiously programmed with. Centering myself through stillness, emptying myself through writing, and surrendering with intention as the day unfolds helps me get calm and relaxed before I step onto the stage of my life with openness and spontaneity. When I am in this state, I am always lead to the next right action. I have been so fortunate to play with you in person during my Yogalosophy for Inner Strength book tour. Thank you for attending and sharing the experience with me.

Onward to the next adventure!
Moroccan sunset from my room.

The old city. Tanger.

Beach day in Tanger.

Beautiful city.
Rosy hue on Morocco.


Hello goat.