Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Within

There's that very quiet voice within you that knows everything. You already have all of the answers within you, and all that you need to do is follow along. That mystery we live in is precious, and deep and quiet. The knowing is so subtle. It's easy to ride over it. To say "I know!" without feeling it. I habitually ride over my sensitivity with tastes, words, and sounds. Over-stimulation of the nervous system can be quieted by sitting in preparation, for what is coming is already like a swell. Like a wave in the back of the mind. There will always be another wave. My job is stillness. To sense the subtly within.

Ways to go within today:

1. Sit with a straight spine. With palms facing each other, place your fingertips together and leave a tiny space, less than an inch. Feel your energy. Try to pull the hand away from each other slowly, with fingertips still facing and notice if you can still feel the energy flow.

2. Lie on your back. Place the soles of the feet together, and fan your knees to open. In Goddess Pose, place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your chest. As you breathe, notice the ebb and flow. Expansion and contraction.

3. In a reclining position, place your right hand on your chest, and the left hand over your right hand. Touch the pads of the thumbs to one another, and allow the circuitry to realign you with your heart. Notice if you can feel your pulse.

Remind yourself, every so often to take a deep long breath, with the specific intention of clearing yourself of all outside energies. Exhale hard out of your mouth with a "SHHH" sound. Release any tension or energies that you have gathered and get reconnected with your own pulse.

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