Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Dear Friends: Welcome!

Hello out there. Anyone else get this sense that something new is brewing? I can feel the excitement within. I know that something is on the horizon, and I am at the starting gate here, but not knowing exactly what action to take.

Anything that I have ever created began as this seedling. An idea in the back of my mind, but prior to that, a feeling deep in my heart....but before that...it almost seems like a premonition...a memory of the future. So, this is kind of what I have been feeling lately. How about you? Something feels familiar, and yet I know it has never happened. What IS it? How can I unearth this new me?

My answer to this call must be non-verbal, yet named. Non-linear, yet directed. It may be an idea or a dream, but must be crystal clear in an instant.

I have taken to creating short term goals and rituals that express the feeling it gives me.

VISION BOARD. Yes. My Springtime go-to. I have decided to create an entire vision board declaring my commitment to... Commitment! To union, marriage, partnership. I don't know how to do it. Never have known. This may be better than knowing, as I may have beginners luck! (I'm counting on it.)

CREATING SHORT VIDEOS. Yes. I am shooting some Summer Shape-up videos for E! and I am even creating a how-to spinning video, because that's where I started, and that's where my vision was able to get funneled. Pop Sugar is on the roster too. Excited to unite with them again to give you a blast.

THREE-DAY WORKSHOP. Yes. Love Your Body Into Shape With Intention at the Omega Institute in June. And I am working on creating the workshop I will bring to NYC this Summer. Stay tuned. One thing I know: We will create a vision board, and do a summer shape-up!

MOVING MEDITATION. Yes. Walking. Observing. Talking out loud to the universe. Asking for what I want. Calibrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

FLOWER ESSENCES. Yes. I have been defining what I want and what I like. Who I am. Where I draw boundaries. Saying yes and no. But mostly yes.

PLAYING. Yes. Who says life has to be hard work. I am noticing more and more where I am having fun. The best place to manifest from is a place of heart opening playfulness. Let it be easy. The Game Of You is an awesome new game created by one of my friends. Check it out and get easy insight and answers.

INNER CHILD WORK. Yes. A dialogue with the "little" me, in the form of a letter turned into a dream. A feeling of resolution and peace. A knowing that everything turns out okay in the end.

But this is the beginning...

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