Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Naturally Beautiful

I have been spending more time in nature these past few months. There is a cyclical pattern in nature. In fact, the growth process is more like a spiral than a straight line. This is a reminder to myself to soften the edges and to color outside of the lines. I spent the day in Malibu, in the presence of the elements, reminding me of true beauty—the beauty of nature that reflects me back to myself.

Spending time observing the crashing waves and the powerful yet quiet pull of the undertow reminds me of my own emotions. They come and go. In one way changeable, yet consistently ebbing and flowing. The one certainty is a rhythmic change. Over time, the ocean can alter the shape of a rock formation. The strength of the flow and the power of water reminds me of my own powerful emotions.

Watching the wind blow through the palm trees, and creating the white wave tops captures the attention of my mind. My breath, like the wind, fuels my energy levels, calming me in one moment and igniting me in the next. When I gain control over the breath, first through attentive awareness and next by taking charge of the pace and depth of my breathing, I find that my mind becomes still. I harness this wild imagination that holds me hostage with it's "what if's" as much as it frees me with it's "yes's".

Feeling the sand beneath my feet, and grounding my body into the earth energy this way reminds me of my very flesh and bones. Pliable, yet solid. Nothing is truly solid, and the sand gives way as it supports me. It pulls and grounds me down just as much and I become one with it. Today, I don't even mind the sand in my shoes the way I usually do. I surrender and give in fully to the feeling, even if a little uncomfortable. Adaptable and strong, my body becomes reshaped with consistency.

Tonite I sit before a flame. A candle burning bright before my eyes. The flame elusive and yet fierce, like the wildness in my eye. Something exciting, new and creative. A spark that inspires and heats me up with desire to create more. Although it can be blown out in an instant, in can burn and ignite in an instant as well. This reminds me of this fleeting moment and how to catch this inspiration in the now.

My nature is just like nature itself: Cyclical, impermanent, and beautiful in the moment.

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