Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

The power of the senses is profound for a woman like me. Since I am an earth sign, one would think that I would naturally inhabit my body fully. I have a tendency to forget my body and to live a lot of my life in my head. This can be great for ideas and planning, but the point of true power is in my present. Presence of mind in the moment as I inhabit my body is one of my personal challenges. Having had a childhood where life was a little unstable emotionally, I learned to plan ahead. And to live in my head. After going out of my mind with over exercise, I finally learned through experience that not only was it safe to be present in my body, but it was the key to my success. Daily, I take these moments of pleasure. Whereas the old me was staying fit and exercising to escape, the new and improved me likes being in a body. I find joy when I engage all of my senses.

I had an opportunity to visit the Topanga Canyon Earth Day Festival this weekend, and fully immersed myself in the elements and my own senses. This is my way of leaning into the ground beneath me. When I feel I lack support, all I need to do is lean in and feel gravity pulling me towards the earth, and the earth's unfailing support. Every day is my earth day.

Here I am indulging my tastebuds with a solar heated fried Easter egg! Delicious. I loved the saltiness and the warmth. It felt as if I was eating energy from the sun itself! 

This indulged my sense of smell. A woman making incense with her own hands. She told me the scent was a pineapple.

The beauty of nature indulges my sense of sight. Nothing is more pleasing to my eye than this natural bouquet of flowers. Wild and free. Just like me.

Touch is incredibly important to me. Here were some natural materials to make an Alpaca Woolen hat. 

And here's a video clip where you can hear the music that was playing.

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