Monday, April 30, 2012

More Gratitude

This second month of Spring presents fullness and abundance. It is very obvious to me when I look outside my window and see dozens and dozens of roses in full bloom. My belly is full because I have incredible food to eat. Even my broken heart is abundantly overflowing with feeling and tears.

“What we focus on expands.” You've heard that one before. It is key that you expand the goodness in your life by focusing through the lens of goodness. Writing a daily gratitude list is a great way to set the tone for abundance in your life. Make a list of ten things you are grateful for. Three of them can be about your body. You can also check out my Gratitude Playlist for songs that inspire thankfulness.

Here goes:

1. That I can breathe deeply

2. That I have been in love in my life

3. That I knew all of my grandparents

4. My father practicing yoga around me all through my childhood

5. My grandmother is still alive

6. That I am able to have feelings, even heartbreak

7. Hope that lives in my heart

8. Green tea with honey

9. My pets Winkie and Felix from childhood

10. My ability to exercise, and my desire to do so daily

Now you do one!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Still having the ability to dream

    2. I can see the good in people

    3. My strong family

    4. Hope that lives in my heart, too ^_^

    5. For my close friends and their endless love

    6. Chai Latte!!!

    7. My lovely cats. Brando and Gato. Meooooow!!!

    8. For Mandy's always inspirational words

    9. All the beautiful places in the world

    10. That I am honest and loving person, and I like myself being that way

    ^_^ Love, peace and a smile