Monday, April 16, 2012

Ab-Flattening Yoga Workout

We are all looking for those ever-elusive, perfectly taut "Jennifer Aniston" abs. Abdominal exercises give you more than just a flat tummy. They can provide something much deeper and longer lasting: a connection to who you really are and how to get what you want in life. The point just below the belly button within an inch is the area that many Taoist yoga masters claim that all of our excess energy that we cultivate is stored. It is called the lower tan dien and is the original cell of your body. It is where you were connected to your mommy when you were in the womb, and it has been the seed of the body you inhabit today. It is also related to the third chakra, which is directly related to the powers of desire, knowing who you are and what you truly want.

This area is activated by the color yellow and is supported by certain abdominal exercises and the core work that we will do in this ab-flattening yoga routine. I have also incorporated some heat-generating movements to increase the heart rate and speed up the metabolism.

When you do this workout, keep in mind that you are building much more than abdominal strength in the end, and it will be incredibly motivating. After all, every single goal you have begins today. In your body. Exactly as it is now!


  1. Abdominal training exercises, which are considered to be the most effective to trim your stomach, contain forward flexion exercises, side flexion exercises, spinning exercises along with cardio exercises.


  2. A passive and deeply relaxing practice tapping into and releasing the connective tissue throughout the body and mind. casual pass

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