Monday, April 2, 2012

Envision Your Goals

Any goal I have ever reached began with me visualizing it. It began in my mind before it became tangible. Spring is the time for new beginnings, and contains a potency for planting seeds for the entire year. The eyes need a visual image to connect us subliminally to our goals and desires. That is why each year, I create a vision board that depicts my goals and dreams.

I find images through magazines and personal pictures to cover all areas of my life: my identity, how I look, finances, values, communication, family, home, children, creativity, play, service, health, diet, relationship, the dark side, mysticism, transformation, education, spirituality, career, friends, humanity, and the unknown... and then I let it go. Looking back, my last couple of years are right there on that visual map. Instead of hiding it in the closet, or barley glancing at it on the way to the fridge, I have found the best place to put mine: on my yoga mat! Vision Mat is a place where I can keep my vision board, and the images permeate my subconscious while I am practicing yoga. Its a great subliminal way to see and focus my goals and dreams.

Naming and declaring what we want is extremely powerful. Beginning a class with an intention brings meaning to my practice that is deeper than just getting a great workout (even though that matters too!). Just as seeing your dreams through images is essential, naming it is an important part of the goal-setting process. Some of us have adopted a superstitious attitude regarding saying what we want, or we feel a guilt because we think it may be selfish. Having a desire and going after our goals is completely okay. It's just important to stay detached from the outcome; once you get what you want, there will be another thing you want! It's perpetual motion. I think that desire is God-given and following that impulse using our intuition will lead us to our correct place. Be a leader. Be an inspiration, and declare it. What do you want?

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  1. Some much needed advice in this post. Thank you so much!