Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Training Tips

These are my tips for Spring. When we enter this season, it is a time of breaking free from the old, and allowing what no longer serves to pass naturally. This also entails initiating action for the future. Here are some actions you can take to initiate yourself into a new you!
  • Visualize your dreams coming true: Make a Vision Mat! The eyes love to have images that are inspiring and appealing. Literally seeing images of what you want will activate that energy within and around you.
  • Exercise: Here's a quick routine I did with SELF Magazine to help get you into great shape fast. It was the seed of my YOGALOSOPHY DVD.
  • Intent will give you a focus for the day. Follow me all week to get intention-setting mantras Twitter @msmandyingber.
  • Be a Warrior: To reach your goals, assume the position. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is one of my favorite books by Dan Millman.
  • Do a quick cleanse: I recently did a great 3-day juice fast with Kreation.
  • Free Yourself! Butterflies can help you feel free while you start your exercise program. Check out my awesome butterfly necklace at my store! 
  • Quick headache cure: Ardha Kurmasana Pose.
  • Contact with your angels: Angel Cards. Pick one and see the world through that lens.
  • Identify your goals in a fun way: The Game of You!

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