Monday, May 7, 2012

More Pleasure

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It is okay to enjoy the pleasures of the Earth, as it is a physical manifestation of spirit! Comforts and the belongings we value can be a good thing. Enjoyment is a high form of gratitude. Grounding into your body and being present is an expression of spirituality. Many spiritual traditions teach us to deny ourselves, our bodies, and physical pleasure. This is a month dedicated to celebrating your God-given senses. I love the idea of “coming to my senses”. That means being sane, because I am completely in the present moment and appreciating what is real. When we are planning for and worrying about the future, or regretting the past, we are in a way insane. Try returning to the present moment by appreciating the world through your senses. These are ways that I indulge my senses to feel pleasure:

Just taste it. Indulge. It's not the one bite of cake you have, it's what you eat consistently that counts. I frequently indulge in a piece of dark salty chocolate. Studies now show that chocolate has heath and weight-loss benefits! My new favorite is John Kelly. Another way to delight your tastebuds is to appreciate the taste of healthy foods. Nature and eating nature. My favorite natural indulgence: ripe avocado with Premier Pink Salt.

We all need touch. Babies that don't get held become ill and weak. We require this to survive! There is no greater comfort than a hug or resting my head on the shoulder of a dear one, but if that is not available to me I can pamper myself with a massage. If you cannot afford massage, imagine your yoga practice is your opportunity to give yourself a massage from the inside out. Yoga's benefits not only touch on the body structure and muscles, but the internal organs as well. I got a great massage from Bodywork Astrology. Check it out if you want to treat yourself and if you have the funds. You are worth it!

Asthetics are important. I love to practice on my Vision Mat, so that my eyes can gaze upon something that stimulates and inspires me. Sometimes removing the clutter and creating a beautiful space with candles and flowers enhances the relaxation aspect of practice. Take some extra time to set the tone. Art can be inspiring too. Take a field trip to the nearest museum!

Scents induce very powerful physical and emotional responses. Aromatherapy calms, energizes, and tones. I love to slather on vanilla oil. Try these extraordinary products at Persephenie.

Voicing yourself is another form of liberation and sensation. The call and response of chanting is repetitive and will bring your body bliss. Music has always inspired me. Daily Candy nominated me "Best of Sound" for my exercise playlists. This month you can choose my Gratitude Mix or a Great Chanting playlist.

Be thankful for what you have by using it and sharing it. 

Thank you for following me along. Let's enjoy ourselves this week. 

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