Monday, February 24, 2014

Stream Of Consciousness

Follow your intuition.
Down the street.
To the left. Into the second door you see on the right.
Open it.
Go inside.
Look up. Notice there is no ceiling. How high is the sky? Listen. Is there a voice? What does it say? If it reminds you of something, let it move you into your gut. Feel the message down to your core.
Settle in.
Notice how it feels to breathe into your belly. Erase the anxiety of yesterday. It never was what you thought it was anyway.
It feels good to sit. To allow the dream to unravel. It take you to a place that you can really sink into and dissolve. Pay no attention to the mood in the room. It's not easy to do, especially when HE is there.
See what happens when you tap your foot. Left and right. To the beat of the rhythm of today. When you were little, it seemed like it would go on forever. So far it has. So far you were right. You are still here. It's still forever.
What can you complete in forever?
Nothing. Nothing ever gets done when you live in forever. You can't finish. The curtain will come down on purpose. It won't be expected, but you will know in that moment. That every step you ever took was leading to right there and then. That everything always was just the way it was supposed to be.
Every step you ever took was eternal and in the presence of the dance.
There was never anything else. There was never anything to "do"... to "complete".
In that moment, I will cry and laugh at the same time. And I will cry and laugh and cry and laugh. I will remember everything that ever happened. I will remember that I knew it all along. I only pretended not to so I could follow along and have the experience.
My intuition. Guiding me. Down the stream. Through the ripples. Into the depths of me.
I got it.
The gift is exactly who I am.

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