Monday, February 10, 2014

Heart Songs: 14 Things I Love

1. I love my body, and my body lovingly responds.
2. Backbends! A backbend for an open heart! When I do a backbend, it opens my ribcage and allows me to expand my chest, symbolizing a heart opening. Bridge, Camel, Sphynx, Cat/Cow, Bow, Cobra, Upward Facing Dog are all back bends. They give me a flexible spine and allow my heart to open up.
3. Gratitude list in the morning. Gratitude expands my joy and happiness. My heart grows when I count my blessings.
4. You! When I love you, I am extending service, and the love I am giving flows through me, so I benefit.
5. Me! When I love me, and I am a reflection of you, I am loving you! Encourage me to love myself, it's good for both of us!
6. Delicious, wholesome organic farmer's market food. What I think and how I feel about what I put into my body had a direct connection to it's effect on me.
7. Chocolate! If you are going to ingest something that is a treat, enjoy it! Enjoyment is healthier than calorie counting and rigidity.
8. Sweating! Cardiovascular activity is good for your heart. Walk, run, play, spin, do sun salutes.
9. The Sun. The heart is the center of your body, and the sun is the center of your universe. Worship the sun!
10. Questioning. Love is always the answer.
11. My legs and feet. Find something you absolutely love about your body. Make it your mantra today.
12. Surprising people. Give compliments freely today. Skip the criticism.
13. Tears. And laughter. Be okay with whatever you are feeling. Let it flow. And let it go.
14. Walking around my house in the nude. Get naked! Be free! I love my body!!!

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