Monday, September 9, 2013

Yogalosophy Cleanse Diary

 I teamed up with Pressed Juicery to give you an opportunity to join me on a 3 day reboot. I always reset my diet in the Fall and Spring, so here are some guidelines. Click the above link for my book and cleanse! See the below from my guest editing gig on The Chalkboard Mag Have a great week!  

CLEAN SLATE – MY CLEANSING MOTIVATION:It’s great to give your system a break and to recalibrate by simplifying your diet. I reboot my diet twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. With the season change during the milder weather, it’s very natural to shift gears with a short cleanse. With a short juice fast, or simply by eliminating sugar with more of a focus on fruits and vegetables, I help my body rejuvenate and bring more consciousness to my diet. I love a Fall cleanse, because after all of the celebration and enjoyment and expansiveness of Summer, it allows me to move forward into the end of the year with more clarity and intention towards my goals.
FINDING TIME – MAKING DETOXIFICATION A PRIORITY: I like to set a start date to get myself motivated. I give myself a clear intention, set aside some time and space. Once I’ve set my dates, I try not to over-schedule myself and leave plenty of “me” time in the mix. Since my groceries and meal planning are basically taken care of for that time period, I am able to just let go and focus inward. For each cleanse, I keep a daily journal which includes a gratitude list and make plans to move my body for an hour daily. How I plan to start my cleanse is key, but how I come off of the cleanse is just as important.
Set an intention for yourself. Setting intentions are key for a great yoga session and the same is true for a cleanse day. Focus on a specific meditation; “align my heart, mind, body and spirit” or “be easy on myself”. Set an intention that will heighten your experience and encourage you to be extra good to yourself.
Take a nature walk. Nothing is more nurturing than getting out in nature. Since you won’t be going out for dinner or going grocery shopping, you’ll have a little extra time on your hands. Get outside and appreciate the elements of nature.
Take a morning meditation. 20 minutes of sitting with mindful breathing will cleanse your mind of all the thoughts that may be whirring. If you need help, I love the song “Storm of Prayers “ by Shaman’s Dream. It is 11 minutes long so you can play it on a loop in the background.
Schedule a massage. Being touched is another way we can experience our physical bodies. I love to have someone move the energy through my body. It’s a wonderful supportive action. You deserve it. If you dislike massage, schedule a beauty treatment you enjoy.
Hit the sauna. 20 minutes in a sauna will help you sweat it out without having to exert yourself. A traditional sauna is great, but I highly recommend an infrared sauna, which is designed to heat you up internally rather than externally. The benefits and calorie burn during an infrared session are similar to that of a cardio class. And all you have to do is sit and sweat!
Write about your experience. Make a short list of what you did well, and what you are grateful for. It’s amazing what writing down a list of things you’re grateful for – no matter how simple – will do to expand your attitude.
Remember that transitioning out of a cleanse is most important. In preparation, I avoid processed and animal foods for 3-5 days prior to my start date, and when I’m post-cleanse, I begin with fresh fruits and then add vegetable soups and vegetables gradually over the next 2-3 days. Who knows, your palate may be more sensitive – sometimes the simplest foods taste like heaven after a few days of detoxifying.
Enjoy your cleanse experience! You owe it to yourself.

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  1. I love what you're doing and your approach. Anything that helps restore body, mind, soul is a gift worth giving ourselves.

    I do your Yogalosophy DVD almost every morning and love the energy it instills in me. I do the silent version (at 4:00 am) and it's such a meditation. Thank you!

    I eagerly await each post - I'd comment more but the "Select profile" options don't include me (I don't know what any of them mean except "Google Account" and I must use a friend's to comment with that). Anyway - popping in this morning to say I love what you're doing - and that you offer it all up to us!

    Barbara (via Dean's account)