Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beauty Juice and My Balanced Life

Here's My last installation for my guest post on Chalkboard...It's My SHort List! 
 WRAPPING UP a cozy, yet exciting September, a month that’s been filled with yoga-centric juice cleansing to prepare us for a new season full of vitality (and void of any of the colds and flus that often catch up to us in early October!) Juice cleansing is the perfect way to keep balanced through the year, especially through a change in season: mild detoxification gets your system strong and clear before those holiday seasons that loom right around the corner.
We’re giving away one  Yogalosophy 3-Day Cleanse by Pressed Juicery to a lucky Chalkboard reader! The limited edition cleanse is available for only five more days and features a copy of my new book Yogalosophy, full of the kind of healthy secrets that keep so many celeb bodies in tip-top shape. Win our giveaway or order the cleanse for yourself and a friend, then read my notes about life in the the studio. All the details are below…
    Thursday! At 10 a.m. I am usually getting a cup of tea, or finishing a post-workout shower, getting ready to meet my first client.
    read Jan Spiller's Astrology For the Soul, Angel Cards and apply my Sidda Flower Essences: Heart
    I’m always on the move. Usual suspects include Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Aniston and Stan Deland, my boyfriend. 
    My Book! Yogalosophy®: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover and the Pressed Juicery cleanse offered with it this month! They are making an app to accompany the book! So excited. I have been touring and teaching classes on the road. So fun.
    Kind Bar. Coconut water. Avocado with pink salt. Cashews. Cherries. Dates. Green juice!
    Thievery Corporation, Robyn Thicke, The Verve, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix , Jay Z and Zero 7.
    My Moleskin journal.
    MacBook Air, QuickBooks, my Moleskin datebook, white board, and my assistant Jenni (she’s not an item, right?).
    Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, Astrology of the Soul by Jan Spiller, The Life You Were Born To Live by Dan Millman. I also love any book by Henry Miller. My boyfriend is always bringing a new spiritual book, so I await my assignments.
    Social media.
    On a walk by the beach. Outdoors! I live in Santa Monica, after all.
    Five-star hotels when I travel! I always order an expensive pot of coffee or tea while wearing the cushy bathrobe.
  • Here's how to win our 3-day Juice Cleanse with Mandy: comment below, then hashtag#yogalosophy and #pressedjuicery in a social media post of your choice between now and September 30th. We'll be announcing the winner in the comments of Mandy's last Chalkboard post this Monday! 


  1. Hi Mandy -

    Oh I'd love to win this! It's exactly what I need. Exactly. Mind, body, spirit needs a good cleanse - everything is sluggish and needs refreshed. The more I do your DVD the more and more it becomes a total meditation. I know it well enough now to do it silently, and when it's just you and me at 3:30 in the morning it's awesome!

    I'd enter but have no idea what hashtag means. ???

    Thanks for all your teachings.

    Barbara (at Dean's)

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