Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yoga Month: Fall Reset Cleanse

September is Yoga Month. I am excited to participate several yoga related events! The virtual online conference: Yoga Is. The Yoga Gives Back exclusive charity event. Please click here to come. My partnership with @Inspirato as we travel to Los Cabos together for an exclusive event! Fall is the 
perfect time to recommit to our practice and diet. Join me all September as I guest host the 
Chalkboard newsletter, and be a part of my limited partnership with Pressed Juicery to sign up 
 rest. All you need to do is to get out of your own way. The main thing we want to "detox" is self-critical thinking, which can be very damaging and cultivates a perfectionism that doesn't allow us to reach for our dreams. Your view colors your thoughts, which create your world.
for a Yogalosophy juice cleanse. After the Summer months, it's a good idea to reset the system with cleansing self-care. Your body is working 24/7 to eliminate what it is not using and to process the
Tree Pose

  • Reframe your thinking. If you feel that your hips are wide, begin to say, "I am curvy and feminine."
  • Commit to an action plan for self-care. Create a short-term goal.
  • Replace one old habit with a healthier new one. Eliminate soda and add a green juice. Simple.
  • Break a sweat. Your skin is your body's primary detoxification organ. So sweat it out!
  • Move! Hot yoga, or cardio will help you to hit that heat threshold.
  • Go Green. Greens purify your blood and reduce inflammation. The darker the green, the better. A green cold-pressed juice will go down easy when it's refrigerated. A salad a day will fill you the right way.
  • SAD? Breathe and allow yourself to cry. Breath is the bridge from the mind to the body through the heart and is the key to your emotions. Breathe into your heart and know you are safe.
  • DEPRESSED? Laugh out loud. On purpose. Fake laughter will become real once you begin.
  • ANGRY? Go ahead and hit a pillow. We'll wait for you.

Let go of the tendency to hold it together and be perfect. Show up, as is, and trust that whatever needs releasing is falling away.

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