Monday, January 30, 2012

Surprises! Expect the Unexpected

"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." ~Wayne Dyer

I have recently had some sudden changes. A break-up of a 5+ year relationship, a move from a very urban setting to a very secluded mountain retreat, and a work trip that took me through London, Madrid, Berlin, and back through London to Los Angeles from Monday to Friday. I feel like the Universe has invited me to a party, and involved me in a child's game where I have been blindfolded, spun around several times, and now the blindfold has been taken off so that I can reorient myself to a completely new perspective.

When I shift my perspective, even a little bit, my entire life changes. I am a person who has learned to thrive on change. I am a believer that all change is good. I get another angle on life and it's experiences, which allows me to relate to others even more. We never know how a small shift will create a big change, so I encourage you to do things differently this week. Change it up and break up the same old routine!

Here are some practical guidelines for shifting your perspective this week:

TRY A GROUP CLASS. You know that class in your community? It's time to take the risk and be among others who are taking care of themselves just the way you want to take care of yourself. You are ready. You can be exactly you. Notice how that group inspires you. You may be inspiring the person right beside you, just by showing up. If you are already taking that group class, change your spot in the room. That's right, I know you get attached to that comfy safe spot, but it's time to make a bold move. Try the front row, or give someone else a chance and step to the sidelines. You never know who you may meet. I have met two of my major relationships in a group class.
Jenni, my assistant and friend, in Scorpion
GO UPSIDE-DOWN. They say reversing the blood flow is the fountain of youth. Inversions include: head stand, handstand, shoulder stand, wide-legged forward bends/down dog, forward bend. I do not do inversions with my clients due to my personal sensitivity to the compression of the neck/spine. However, that does not mean you should not try it. Teachers have their limitations too, and you should never let the limitations of a teacher stop you.

If you have an injury and cannot go upside down, watch my video (above) for inversion alternatives.

DO IT DIFFERENTLY. Take an alternate route to work. Try a different market, or a new spot for lunch. Order a different hot beverage at your coffee place. Routine can put us in habitual patterns which make us go on automatic pilot, and we miss the moment. One of the greatest benefits of travel is the adventure of a new place. Even the most mundane activities become exciting as we travel to a new environment.
OBSERVE YOUR OWN PRACTICE. It is now a proven theory that the observer of an experiment actually changes the outcome of the experiment. Imagine that you are a scientist performing an experiment. Once you begin to watch yourself exercising, it effects the result. I find that my results are more potent when I stay present. Is it my mind changing my body or my body changing my mind? What the bleep? Thats right.

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