Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Your Own Authority

I am such a rebel. Nobody likes to break the rules more than I do. Believe me, the moment someone starts telling me there is only one way to do something, I want to find the out. My father (who rebelled against his father) introduced me to Iyengar Yoga. This is a very specific practice that uses props and focuses on alignment. While this is wonderful to have as a foundation, as I have grown up and come into my own with yoga, I have found that being a little less rigid is important for me. What feels right for my body may be very different from what feels right for someone else’s body type.
We all must take authority over our own lives. Each of us must connect from the inside out. Whenever I am defining myself within a structure, it is important for me to find freedom from within. Discipline is actually the flip-side of freedom. To be really free in my body, I have to have discipline. This is a secret that only those who have a consistent regular practice understand. Nothing feels better than working very hard and then finding the freedom within the work. I do encourage you to draw inward this month to ruminate and become the authority on what your authentic goals and desires are for this year. Think about what you can eliminate, and where you would like to improve, as well as what you have done well. That is true sovereignty.
The center of your body connects you with your identity. This is your original cell. It's where you were connected to your mommy when you came into this world. It is what nourished you and kept you alive in the womb, and it is directly connected with your will to live. Trusting your gut, and knowing what you want are essential to survival. Boat Pose will activate this area of your body. My New Year's Resolution (intention) is to follow my instincts and go with my gut. Yogi Abdominals for me, please.

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