Monday, January 23, 2012

Community vs. Individuality

There is power in the group. It's the collective that creates the trends of society, as well as the revolutions. We invent our world together, co-creating and sharing ideas and energies. It is undeniable that even within a group, each of us is a unique individual that adds his/her own personal energy, and has a perspective that nobody else has. We each experience the exact same event from a slightly different angle. It is each of our jobs to contribute exactly who we are.
As we look around and see how much our world has changed, we can see that our voices have a power collectively that they do not have alone. With the internet, the Occupy Movement, and our social media, suddenly what we say and declare really matters. Your voice has a real influence and a power. So now is the time to get super clear and declare yourself. You matter. A great example of this is Wikipedia. The protest they created by going dark for 24 hrs to stop censorship makes it clear that this site, which anyone can add to gives the power to the collective through giving each a voice.

One of my very favorite things about being a teacher is the unique energetic imprint of each class that I teach. There are no two classes exactly alike, with the same configuration of energies, the same day, mood, music and emotional and societal undercurrents. Participating in a collective energetic group is a palpable experience. There is an energy and a dynamic that is undeniable and, as the leader, I have the grace of being able to contain and witness it. Generally, I feel that I am simply conducting the energy. It's YOU that make the class. This spills over into other groups as well. Never underestimate the power of even a small group.

I know that it can be very scary to speak your truth. I have had to work up a lot of courage to speak out as a teacher. A teacher of mine told me to say out loud what I say to myself. I encourage you to join my Facebook community and VOICE YOURSELF on the WALL. We all get something from your questions and comments. Furthermore, find a fitness class to get connected to group energy, and notice how each day has it's own identity. It may start as just an exercise class, but you can use that energy towards any movement. 
This was my birthday spin. We had a blast! We had been doing a 40-day countdown which represented each year, going back in time. People were up in arms when then couldn't get into the class. Turning people away was hard. I was stressed, but then I realized: "Oh. It's 1968. Of course there's tension!" I knew I was on the right track.

This was a relaxing weekend at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. We came together for a weekend retreat, supporting self-care by taking care of yourself. I love being in a class setting because I am in communion with others who are doing the same.

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