Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy Birthday to me! Yes, 1-11 is my New Year. I like to come right out and say it, sing it, write it. Everything is special on my birthday. When I was a little Capricorn girl, I was quite shy. I kept to myself and was almost afraid of being seen. I used to be afraid to call "TIME" on the phone even though it was a recording, for fear that just one time, there may be another person on the other end of the line, requiring me to speak up! Many times I felt the fear that I might fail, so I did not complete something I started. Other times, I let fear of the unknown keep me from taking a risk. I have had a fear of being seen for much of my life. Fear that people may not like me if they truly knew me, or that I would disappoint and not live up to expectations. Fears that I did not have enough knowledge, or enough to give, or did not deserve success. Yet somehow I found a voice within that gave me strength - an encouraging voice that would cheer me on (often by encouraging others to keep on going!). There has always been a mysterious something in the Universe that reached back to me. With all those number 1's in my birthday I had to declare myself a pioneer and a leader at some point. It seems that no matter what area I approached, I was called to be a leader of a pack. And I was seen. I have since learned that this gift is something to be treasured, acknowledged and shared!
We each have an inner voice. Mine has told me that there is plenty for everyone, and that it doesn't take away from anyone else for me to be as big and bold as possible. In fact, it is contagious. People LOVE it when you do well. It means that they can do well too! People are rooting for you! And you know it! That is why the below quote resonates with so many. It is in fact our BIRTHRIGHT to be awesome!
Marianne Williamson
So CHECK ME OUT! This is just the tip of the iceberg!
Mandy Ingber & Jennifer Aniston

These are some of my accomplishments that have been public. I assure you, if this shy little girl could grow up and live out loud like this, surely you can too. Join me! All for one and one for all!

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  1. Happy birthday and a great 2012, harmony, balance, health and peace :) Thanks for the free birthday download. Namaste.

  2. You know Mandy, you have just really cheered up my day. I completely relate, only difference is, I am still a little stuck although less so now. Thank you and have the best birthday ever! I just got your Yogalosophy's awesome.
    Namaste and Om Shanti,
    Linda Britt McBain (Toronto)

  3. Hi Mandy, thanks for this beautiful post - it was such a joy to read. You are such an inspiration! And Happy Birthday (a little late)! :)