Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Power of One

As we entered the first month of the New Year to begin anew, I started to think about the number one. Since my birthday arrives on 1-11, and my given name, Amanda, has three A's in it (the first letter of the alphabet…), what is the significance of the number one? In numerology, 1 is characterized by the qualities of new beginnings, creativity, leadership, and the Self. The very word "one" is supercharged with meaning. One love. One is the loneliest number. We're number one. Finding "the One." Computers even run on zeros and ones. Identity is a hot topic for the number one.

The "I" can be ego-based on the one hand, and on the other hand, the idea that we are "one" is universal. The difference between "One" and "1" can seem very different, however it is this dual nature that I find so intriguing. The idea that we are made of particles AND waves. The dance of duality can be laid to rest when we release the polarity of either/or to engage in the dance of yes/and.

Unity is the key to helping to resolve the polarization that can leave us feeling alone. In order to participate with the world at large, I must find my voice and share it with all. This is unique to the Self, but at the same time, I become "a part of" the vast ocean of humanity when I identify my Self. My Self is my offering. It must be if I am a spiritual being dressed up as a "Mandy."

In the past, insecurity and loneliness have bound me in isolation. Ironically, it is that very distress which causes me to look beyond, toward the one that binds us all. This power, this force of nature that breathes us all alive, although invisible, is undeniable and indivisible. I feel its very essence coursing through my veins. I feel it in my pulse. I live for it and by it.

One need not be lonely when you understand the significance. There is only one living breathing entity, and I am one of the beings that is a part of this ocean of humanity. Out of the nothing, arises a new idea. A hope to start fresh. A spark, a seedling… a breath.

We are indeed connected. The universe needs your one voice, your essence… for without you, I am incomplete. I must love my Self fully, and take good care of this mind/body/spirit. For I am you and you me. We are one… and when I find this truth I feel a surge of power. 1-11! Happy birthday to me!


  1. What a beautiful post - thank you for sharing this.

    Also ... Happy Birthday!

  2. I love this, Mandy! God youre so deep, I love it. Thank you for being the "Self" that you are, authentically...and teaching me by example how to honor myself!!!! Namaste, my Teacher. :)