Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love Retreat

The outside is a refection of the inside. This is what I have read and experienced in my travels. When you are seeing the way love is coming back to you from "out there", it is a pretty good indication of what is happening internally. "Be the love" is my intention for 2014, for I noticed that I have been looking at love in terms of give/receive, and while completely valid, it occurred to me that this made love seem like a currency.

If indeed love is a currency, then I may be running at a deficit. Or at least a promissory note. What am I depositing into the bank account of self-love? As above so below, and the banking system seems to be a system that may not be entirely upfront… maybe even a little shifty. So what would the new way be?

Be the love. Be the abundance.

How would love view this situation, this feeling, this need, this request, this event, this being, this heart?

This year began for me with an instinct to reexamine love from within. Thus far, I have been holding space for my own feelings, listening more intently to my intuitions, and seeing/hearing the truth rather than an illusion or a dream of something better. Can I see and hear the truth from a place of love? Yes, but in order to do so, I must sit in the seat of love that rests in my heart.

I am officially on a love retreat. Inside my heart, I have been meditating and visualizing healing light pouring into me through a portal, and healing healing healing me. Any past or current hurts or pains are being flushed out with this light that I am breathing into me. Throughout my day, it is not the event or the task that is the goal, but the connection with my feelings as I do so. Paying close and quiet attention to my Self. That small voice from within.

Attention. Patience. Quality time. Sweetness. Listening. Carefully guiding myself back to the moment. The truth of the moment. The facts.

I feed myself a diet of only love. I breathe with love for 20 minutes each day. I sweat love through my pores. I speak love and I think love. As with any retreat, the temptation of external stimulus and old habits are within reach if I choose, but I set that aside and redirect myself to that seat. "Be the love."

Let's retreat and come back empty/full!

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