Monday, November 11, 2013


When I was a child, my focus and intensity of emotion felt like it was just "too much". I remember being told that my tears, fears, and angers were "over reactions".  I have not really changed that much in terms of what I feel internally. What I have learned over the decades is that when I take that emotional energy and intensity, and direct it into a tangible project, a fitness regime, or a program, I can use it as fuel to forward myself.

I can often feel an internal pressure building up when I am at a party or when I am not putting myself to good use with a purpose. The beauty of self-observation is that I can turn myself in a new direction, but I must stay awake to my own feelings as they rise.

I always used to mention in my old Spinning classes that the intensity and the feeling that you are "too much" out there, when properly channeled, can be used to reshape and sculpt your body and drive you towards any goal. Just make sure you point that energy in the right direction. That intensity is perfect for a fitness class, whereas if pointed in a different direction it could be destructive. I know from experience. The very same energy that I used to use to take myself down, when turned around, has brought me to the greatest health and heights.

Here is a great example of this: Several years ago, I found out that Elvis Presley and I had similar numerology and astrology. I thought that was pretty funny, mostly because I could totally relate to Elvis' seeming extremism. I have become convinced that if Elvis had found yoga instead of prescription drugs, that he would be alive today, very thin, and would be able to wrap both of his legs behind his head.

Just remember, whatever you have going on that evokes extreme feeling, that energy can be used like the one-pointed focus of a laser. Stay aware and use your powers for good. Waste no energy on anyone who has "done you wrong", but consume it and use it as fuel for your own transformation.

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