Monday, November 18, 2013

Holding On/Letting Go

If you are anything like me, you are dancing with the balance of opposites. How do we really know when to fight for something, to hang on and stick it out, to claim it and own it, OR to release and let go, shed the old skin, let something die so that we may begin anew?

We have just experienced that polarity with the Scorpio Full Moon (which occurred yesterday, Sunday). The things that are no longer serving us must be released. Even that which we have built and claimed as our own becomes outdated and must be shelved for the better. The Scorpio Sun energy is possesive, obsessed, and intense. Yet it's true lesson is in transcendence and allowing things to die in order to become new. Release is a most powerful expression, and is true liberation.

I can think of several times when I willingly let go in my life. I had been working for others for so long, and it occurred to me that it was no longer correct. After much prayer and meditation, and a pros and cons list, I realized that the only thing to do would be to let go of my job of 16 years. I had no idea what would come of this, but I never looked back and I have never done better. Of course, there have been numerous times when I had to have something torn away from me, or worse, when I have held on when it was only hurting me, reminding me of that saying: "Let go, or be dragged." I held on so tight and fought for what I thought was mine, to no avail... Pain and remorse followed.

The flip side of this Scorpio Sun is the Taurus Moon. This represents ownership, being the boss, and being comfortable. This is also the ultimate of nurturing moons, providing sensual pleasures and a bounty of possessions. It has the sense of entitlement and "having-ness". In a way, we should have all of our needs met. It is often easier to accomplish things when we have our comforts—we needn't always fight so hard.

I found this beautiful saying online about letting go versus holding on: "Let go of your worries. Hold on to this moment." Ah. This felt so good to read. Letting go of my worries. Letting go of my old ways of over-thinking it, taking polls about my options, and referencing the past. Hold on to this moment. My feet on the ground, my steady constant breath, the gratitude I have for this day. Somehow, when I take this to a broad philosophical place, I find some peace.

Life is unfolding in so many ways that are unimaginable, and much better than I ever could have dreamed. I can be sure to know that I can let go of the illusion that I am in control at all, accept my current circumstance, and know that no matter what I decide, the Universe is on either side of any decision I make. Since I cannot make a wrong move, I can let go of my worries, and hang on to this moment, which is all I ever had in the first place.

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