Monday, November 25, 2013

Abundant Gratitude

Yes. That word alone speaks to the abundance that is surrounding you all the time. As you look around to this marvelous world and say "yes", you will find that you are given constant love and blessings. The Universe gifts you with a new chance each day. In any moment you choose, you can start fresh and you can remake your life. It's all a matter of saying "YES!" Yes to this abundant world, that includes birth and death, richness of experience, the greatest heights of passion, the balance of serenity, the tragedy of war. We are in this world and all is okay AS IS. What if all you needed to change was your own view.

It takes small adjustments to make big changes. A shift in perspective opens a whole new world to you. I realize and have experienced those moments that are difficult to embrace with a wholehearted yes. In that case, a yes to the NO!

Here is my gratitude list for this week of "Thanks giving":

1.  Grateful you are connecting with me by reading this list.
2.  Grateful to be able to take deep breaths.
3.  Grateful that I have not needed glasses!
4.  Grateful that I am able to feel compassion for my brother who still struggles.
5.  Grateful that I don't have to go back and relive my 20's!
6.  Grateful for and organic food delivery service: Farmbox L.A.
7.  Grateful that my mother is still alive.
8.  Grateful that I still have memories of my father, although he is gone.
9.  Grateful for curly hair. And the occasional blow dry.
10. Grateful that I enjoy sweating.
11. Grateful for the ocean.
12. Grateful for yoga!
13. Grateful for coffee.
14. Grateful to be amongst the human race. And to be very fallible and human in it.
15. Grateful for helpers and angels along the way.
16. Grateful for flexibility (internally and externally).
17. Grateful for Paul Simon and Cat Stevens.
18. Grateful for love.
19. Grateful for change.
20. Grateful that I always get another chance. There is hope.

Have a great, full week.

Easy does it on the pumpkin pie.

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