Monday, August 5, 2013


All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”- Hafiz

 I have always been moved by the above quote. The generosity of the Sun, even though the other planets revolve around it, is a wonderful reminder here. I felt it was timely, for the New Moon is in the sign of Leo today (August 7th). We get an opportunity to set our creative intentions. In a world where we are taught that being center stage is selfish, it can be against the grain to step into the spot light and own our place in the world. Here's an idea: each of us has a unique vantage point, and a life that is important to fully express. When we share our own perspective, others can learn from our experience, and interpret its meaning for their own lives. We are constantly dancing with one another.

 Creative expression comes in many forms. The most obvious are the arts, like dancing, writing, painting and theatre. Play is also a form of creativity, as are our children that we raise or gardens that we plant. A delicious meal that you make out of nature's gifts is creative. I once heard that creativity is the way you organize what already exists.

The idea that Spirit understands itself through you and the play of your life, makes taking center stage feel a bit more generous, doesn't it?  As we create our lives and craft our surroundings, our actions have an effect upon others. In that sense, you are the center of the universe, and you have the ability to generate real change and influence others in a positive way.

When I imagine the importance and the impact of my actions, I feel much more responsible and generous. I can imagine that I am the Sun at the center of my Universe and I give off heat and light that has the ability to inspire and nourish those around me. Today, when I salute the sun, I will imagine what it would feel like to be that ball of energy. I will embody that light. And as I am the center, in the center of me is my heart. Let's come from the heart, let's see how our creations  give to others.