Monday, August 19, 2013

Celebrate Your Self!

When you have trouble motivating yourself to get to a yoga class or take a run, consider this: exercise is a way to celebrate your body. The fact that you have this amazing instrument which allows you to express movement through dance, experience emotions like joy and taste the deliciousness of nature is a blessing. We are abundant beings in the universe. Nature is full of a richness that cannot be bought. The trees dancing in the sunlight, the moon river reflected in the ocean. All of these simple joys are priceless.

I went to a wonderful potluck celebration over the weekend, which was a reminder of this body as amazing gift. The celebration was a response to the illness of a woman who had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. This woman had no family, and not very much money, but still she has a sense of humor and a joy for life. In honor of Lucretia, we sang songs, danced and shared food. Those who had money to give, gave money. Those who did not, wrote heartfelt blessings in a card to her. The evening celebration reminded me that we need not gather and huddle in suffering, but can come together and  give forth joy. It is just as powerful to celebrate!

Be reminded today, that your body is a priceless gift and find five ways you can celebrate. Dance. Eat delicious foods that are of the earth. Notice the subtle feelings that run through you from moment to moment. Sweat and pay attention to feeling your muscles. Sit in silence and listen to the sounds around you. The wind rustling throughout the trees or human sounds like a hammer in the background.

Take time to look another in the eye and smile in mutual celebration
, for we are all expressions of this same amazing energy of life.

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  1. Totally inspiring! I just moved back to SoCal and homesickness has made it difficult to find motivation. Thank you for such a wonderful story :)