Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sexual Energy is Creative Energy

What's more arresting than talking about sex? This topic is a real favorite and seems to grab everyone's attention . It's really not a stretch to say that sexuality and creativity go hand in hand. In fact, the most creative energy out there is sexual energy. That is the very energy that created each of us. You and I  are a product of that potency. And it all probably started with a little crush.

This idea can go two ways:

1. Thinking about someone you have a crush on can be extremely motivating. Have you ever felt that feeling when you first meet someone who piques your interest? You are able to stay up all night, lose your appetite and have a permanent smile pasted upon your face, barely needing anything to keep going. You are fueled with the sheer energy of hormones. When I need some extra kick in my work out, nothing energizes me quite like a crush.

2. If sexual energy is so potent, why spend it on a mere crush? If you can create an entire person with that energy, than imagine what else you may be able to create. I have authored a book, painted, written poetry, acted and cooked in place of know.... This energy is a kissing cousin of any creative project. Some people have babies and others feel that they have birthed a child when they launch a creative project. The point is: do you really need another make-out session, or is something bigger wanting creative expression? Only you know. No judgment, only options.

Lastly, you can do a combo. One of the best ways to get motivated is to have a secret crush, and do absolutely nothing about it. If you don't have a crush, then you have homework. If you DO have a love, and it's out in the open, then a make-out session is in order. Take a risk today and have fun with your sexy. It can be as simple as a flirty wink, a pole dance class, or a thought nobody knows you're thinking....


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