Monday, November 14, 2011


This is a top secret, no fail motivator. When all else fails, think about sex. Seriously. Sexual energy is creative energy. You can create an entire person with that energy. Have you ever noticed that when you have a crush on someone, you can stay up all night and not get tired, that you are not hungry, and everything rolls off of your back? Tapping into this aspect of yourself is both energizing and completely entertaining. And, guess what.. No one needs to know what you are thinking. Plus, as an added bonus, it is a fact that you burn more calories when you are thinking about someone you have a crush on!!

This is a picture I drew of my ideal relationship. I drew this picture right after my heart was broken in my first relationship. It took about 4 years, but this art project looks alot like my current relationship. Until I was in it, I found crushes, and developed a bit of a crush on myself. I flirted a little bit, and wore fun and cute workout outfits, and changed my hair occasionally, and just tried feeling sexy from the inside out. 

Even at my heaviest, I tried to imagine that I was carefree, and I would wear shorts and feel sexy in general. This increased my confidence levels, and my body responded accordingly.

If you are in a relationship, you have homework: make out session.
If you are not, homework is: get out there and get a crush on someone.

The last time I gave this homework assignment, I gave it to a spinning class I was teaching. One of the students decided to get a crush on me. And the above art project came to life. You never know the power of creative energy....

The second chakra is the point just above your genitals, and it is the place in the body where we relate to one another. It is connected to our passion and our deep desires. Connecting to this area of the body directly relates to the bodily fluids and is supposedly the secret to a lot of mystical powers. Sexual energy is the most potent energy we have. We can create an entire person with that energy. The deepest sense of intimacy and connection to god and to another can come from healing this place within. The practice of Tantric Yoga touches on this. There is also a Taoist version of yoga that reveals we can heal ourselves with this energy. (SEE MANTAK CHIA)

Sexual energy, being the most potent and powerful energy that we possess is not to be taken lightly. Transcend the superficial, and use it as fuel. To transform and recreate your body, mind and spirit! 

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  1. you are absolutely right, but unfortunately nowadays it is hard to fall in love with reciprocity..;)