Monday, November 7, 2011

Intensity Empowerment

What if every single thing you are living right now, no matter how painful or difficult, is here to help you become the most empowered and deepest soul you can possibly imagine? The phoenix rising from the ashes, represents the ability to die and emerge with far more perspective. As low as we can go, is how high we can get.

Coming out on the other side of loss has given me the sense of true empowerment every single time. After many experiences that were less than desirable (and certainly nothing that I would've signed up for!), I am learning  to view the intensity of loss as a gift, without understanding "why". Life has not let me down so far. One of the greatest challenges to my faith is loss, but I am learning to accept it in the moment: I get on my knees and I get thankful for the exact thing that is happening and causing me pain. I accept it and I would have it no other way. Yes. Yes. Yes to losing my career and my sense of identity. Yes to my body falling apart. Yes to my break up. Yes to being fired. Yes to 9-11. Yes to my father's cancer. Yes. Yes. Yes. Imagine this “secret”: you are already doing it! Your spirit and soul want it exactly this way. 

  • The next thing I do is I get present in the moment.
  •  I take a bath.
  •  I go for a walk. 
  • I make myself a cup of tea, share with a friend, or go to look at the ocean.
  • I practice yoga and I work it out.
Life has been an amazing example and teacher as to how to deal with pain and intensity during exercise! During exercise, there is often a point when I feel that I want to give up. It is at that exact point of challenge when the part of me that wants to break through gets stronger. This has happened when I hit my threshold physically, emotionally and spiritually. So, I say that if this feeling brings me closer to my goal, BRING IT ON.
With that fresh perspective I have been able to emerge and focus the energy in a completely new way. Many of my creations have appeared as a result of loss. From the DVD I created, to the book I am writing. SO I now say YES to the intensity, in my relationships, life circumstances and on a lighter note:

This is a picture I drew when I was very angry at being fired. Shortly thereafter, my apartment burned down.

The saying whatever doesn't kill you makes your stronger is in my bones. That is intense AND empowering! 

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  1. It feels like evrytime I read you, I find the words that I need to hear... Wish I would be back in LA soon so I can go to your classes. Take care Mandy, you are such a wonderful soul. Thanks for you energy.