Monday, November 28, 2011

Overcoming Excess

December usually brings a lot of celebration and expansion, but it can also mean an expansion of the waistline and a tendency to overindulge in pleasure. I love a good party. In fact, I feel that with yoga and exercise: there's a party happening in my body! I feel so lucky to be able to be physical and move, yet I constantly take this for granted.  Celebrating the ability to move freely in the body helps me  find much more presence. If I am truly present, one bite of chocolate will do the trick. Savor it and indulge!

A few guidelines I have during the holidays:

1. Meditation. Stopping and being still is a wonderful practice all the time, but especially during the Holidays, it helps me to be exactly where I am and helps with the practice of mindful breathing. Mindfulness when transferred to partying can mean mind-full-ness! It helps to pay attention to when I am full!

2. If it's made with love, taste it. That's right. If I am going to indulge in sweets during December, I make sure that it was something prepared from scratch, by a person that I can thank immediately. This rules out alot of processed and packaged foods and sugars, and helps to remind me to be selective while indulging. I tend to eat just the right amount when I am consciously tasting. Plus, love is a very healthy ingredient.

3. Start fresh the next day. There is a tendency to fall off of the exercise wagon when we are over indulging. The next day, simply start fresh, and you will see that the number on the scale will not move that much if you maintain your healthy exercise habit. Burning calories, building muscle and burning stored fat will increase your metabolism. It also helps mentally to press the reset button and stay present in your physical body.

4. Eat your greens. Make sure that you continue to eat healthy foods. Do not replace meals. Have a salad before you go off to a feast. Drink 16 ounces of water. You will feel delightfully satiated, and will not be so hungry that you overindulge in too many empty calories.

I write this on the heels of a Thanksgiving feast! Off to take a walk now. Happy and healthy!

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