Saturday, June 13, 2015


I recently read that humans have between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. Many of them the same. When you think the same thought again and again it begins to etch into the neuro-pathways of your brain and becomes easier to slip into habitual thinking.

The famous quote that many yogis use:

points to how our thinking forms our circumstances. This gives me pause to consider the meanderings of my mind, and how many of them are based on past experience, expectation and habitual thinking. How many of my thoughts are conscious, enabling me to create new pathways toward a future me? Something that is more in alignment with my maturity and the eternally changing "Self" that I am expressing is needed in order to represent my true character and to my next destination.

I have been sharing recently, and rarely, that I am going through a personal transition and transformation. Leaving behind old habitual ways of seeing myself and others, allowing what is outdated to dissolve in order to make room for the new. My thinking is more noticeable when I take the time to slow down, think before speaking, and listen to what I am hearing with a beginner's mind. This type of attention and focus is way easier without the multitude of distractions that surround me. Social media, connecting with friends, and the general business of living can send me right into automatic mode. My thoughts are on shuffle, but like my iPod, the old familiar tunes just keep coming up.

Conscious awareness is a muscle like any other. It must be trained and retrained on a consistent basis before transformation appears. Both meditation and mindfulness of the words we speak (both to ourselves in our head and to others) is well worth the attention it takes. Not only that, behind every word that is thought or spoken is a motive. Ask yourself: "When I say this, what do I mean?" "Am I trying to get something from speaking these words?" Considering these things can bring to light even older feelings and emotions that have not been dealt with. Uncovering and shedding light on these dusty old mental artifacts  can allow the release that is required in order to move forward in a fresh new way.

There is much up ahead. As we let go and see the underlying patterns, not only do we make room for new possibilities, but we can understand ourselves better and take the right action to fulfill our own true needs.

As you think right thoughts you can deeply connect to the true self and take right actions, then you become right with yourself and the world, and the world becomes right with you.

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  1. Dear Mandy,
    The things you describe are of the highest priority for human beings. It is in the process of divorcing ourselves from ourselves that we begin to truly live.

    I commend your sensibilities. I respect your words. And I wish you the greatest success toward the achievement of Nothingness.


    Kapil Gupta, MD