Monday, June 1, 2015

Mind Over Matter: If You Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter!

 The transition from Spring to Summer is abuzz with the busy-ness of life. Graduations, vacation planning, and the general day to day errands and local outings begins to emerge along with the sprays of flowers abloom and the sun’s warmth radiating towards us. Lets throw in a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini and we’ve got some major communication going, albeit mis-communication as well! 

The aim of yoga is to loosen our grip from the trappings of the mind. The mind loves to future trip, plan, think, make connections and stay busy. The mind is a wonderful slave but an awful master. Or as they say, my mind is like a bad neighborhood, I shouldn't to go there alone. So here’s the thing: you are not going to be able to stop your monkey mind, but you can understand that you are not your mind. Once you are able to observe your mind, you will be able to move in and reframe your thoughts, and eventually settle into the seat of the witness. “Who is the one meditating?"

 The observation muscle is strengthened through meditation and concentration. We then have choices (Note the picture of me above, trying to choose between these two sets of mala beads).

With the Gemini energy in full effect (Mercury retrograde in Gemini and the sun shining in the sign of the twins) multiplicity abounds! Get ready for communication glitches, a media onslaught, neighborhood exchanges, televisions, computers and phones on. Chatter. The mind. Gemini energy wants it all, all at once. Today’s full moon (June 2nd) is in Sagittarius and seeks adventure, expansion, to go farther, faster, longer…more more more! The Gemini/Sag polarity wants to cover a lot of territory, but there is a Neptunian energy squaring off on these two and it is requiring us to let that space be filled with spirit. We need spaciousness for our information exploration. The best possible version of this brings us back to meditation.

 Sit and allow the trappings of the mind to dissolve and embark on an inner journey deeper into the self for the supreme expression of these divergent energies. Have fun along the way! (Moon in Sag.) Make jokes! (Sun in Gemini). See all the colors of your mind and paint them out, dance them out, and be active in the physical body. As you do this, watch your mind mellow. Neighborhood workout classes or day long retreats would serve you well. Remember, it all comes down to mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. 

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