Monday, December 16, 2013

Think Positively

My personal default state is concerned and worried. Perhaps it's genetics, history, or experience, but I am the half-empty type by nature. It takes extreme faith and contrary action to look at my life in the positive. I have experimented with this for over three decades, toying with changing the lens of perspective that I gaze through.

"Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words, your words become your behavior, your behavior becomes your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny."
~ Gandhi

What I think and say have a direct effect upon what I do. Once established, it can be challenging to be mindful enough to break these habits. We may take the above quote in reverse. In consideration of your destiny, and I am assuming that mine is to be happy, loved, and loving, what would you have to put first in order to have this? What might you have to set aside?

For me, I must assume the best of people. Assume that I am loved and that others are doing the best they can; in fact for me. They are helping me, as I am committed to helping them. I must reinforce this on a daily basis in my actions. If I can say correct things, reminding myself and you, and those with whom I come in contact with that these are my true values, then my mind will clear and the negativity will be lifted. I will see with new eyes, and indeed, my world will have changed.

The holiday season can be a challenge for me. I can look around to all of those with large lives, families, pets, and I can compare myself. Just today, I was feeling forgotten. My mind began to make up stories about being unloved, unwanted, and alone… So I must catch myself in these moments and replace my negative self-talk with positivity.

This is how I do it:
Thank you for this awesome day. For a beautiful morning and space to sleep in. This body that is aging well, and for love. I have a lot of love that surrounds me all the time. Help me to see the love that is surrounding me all the time.

Now you try it!

Merry Merry


  1. Dear Mandy,

    Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring post! I got to know you only one week ago, when I saw the video you made for net-a-porter. I started last Saturday morning with these excercises, then took a look at your website and found out many more of vid's! I am discovering my body and it is addictive! I already can't wait 'till tomorrow morning for another work-out!

    Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! My whole life I have been thinking that I was just inadaquate, clumsy and stiff when it came to my body. I started bellydancing 2 years ago and that already made me feel much better, but your inspiration and explanations really helps me to focus on my own body and to feel and breathe as well!

    . Thank you for the ligt energy you put in it, it really helps me to remember of my own light and joyeus nature, that I tend to forget about as I too struggled with life.

    I wish you LOVE+LIGHT, very merry days, and I hope you can be proud on yourself, just for being who you are and what you do.

    Thank YOU!

    Love, Djoeke (Amsterdam, NL)

  2. Thank you Djoeke, for taking the time to connect with me here. I am excited for you as you settle into your body and the discovery! Mandy

  3. Mandy, you are loved so much, by so many people that you are not aware of. My daughter and I practice your yoga and feel very blessed and grateful to have found you.There is a whole virtual family out there in the world sending you love and blessings for being such a wonderful, inspiring person.
    Have an amazing 2014, filled with warmth, happiness and love!

  4. thank you! it means so much to me!