Monday, June 3, 2013

Yoga of Convenience

If you have been having a hard time committing to a yoga practice or any type of fitness class, have you tried something in your own neighborhood? Don't be hard on yourself for 'lack of discipline'. We all have those days when we struggle to squeeze a practice into our daily list of tasks. If you haven't found something that you love, or if you find it difficult to self-motivate, you're not at all alone. Convenience is everything when it comes to fitness. The best way to stay committed to your yoga is to find a local community class. The easier it is to practice, the more you will practice. If you haven't found something close to you, perhaps there is a YMCA or local studio close to work. Worst case, how about getting together a group of your own motley crew. You know who they are—the people you see on a daily basis, be it at work or in your apartment complex. The buddy system can be just the thing to keep you on the right track. 

Here are some convenient ways to continue being active right in your own neighborhood and daily life when you're in an exercise lull: 

Neighborhood Walk:
Walking will torch calories just as well as any other activity. I got myself back into amazing shape after a severe injury with two walks a day. 

Office Yoga:
Use your lunch hour to practice for thirty minutes, or instead of a coffee break, try a yoga break. (See the photo below of the Chelsea Lately crew. I travel to their workplace weekly to kick start their afternoon.) 

2-week Challenge:
Set up a short-term goal for yourself, and become accountable by doing it with friends. Many gyms and local studios offer two weeks of unlimited yoga for the new student for the price of a class. This has been a great way for me to maximize my dollar and reset myself into a consistent practice. I just love to make the most of my dollar! 

Buddy System:
Be accountable to your best friend or neighbor by having a daily check-in about your commitment to yourself for the day. I designed my book to guide you this way, but there are many options. Including a work-out buddy can make it fun.

Most important to remember is that since you only have limited time, set your yoga class and fitness regime close to your paper route.

The Chelsea Lately crew
Local Lululemon yogis


  1. Hi, I just got your book and think it seems very sound and solid. I'm very rock bottom emotionally, physically and...a lot. I may try to follow along with this plan, starting any day now I guess. I'm still not sure what about the food though. I kind of feel I need a true-blue cleanse since I've been a not so good eater (at all). I am underweight though and in a constant divide in my head in how to rebuild myself...
    Would love to chat/email with Mandy :) But I guess she doesn't do that since she's busy and...famous :)
    Anyway, any thoughts, let me know.

    1. I know what you mean, and I may be a little farther ahead of you mentally right now, but my advice is to just start with loving yoga and what it's doing to you phyiscally and mentally first. Maybe don't even do her food plan(I love having wine and pizza...a lot...). I also have really gotten into bikram yoga and it has made me want to be healthier. I think you just need to try out doing yoga as a lifestyle and everything will fit into place. P.S. I have really started to self reflect and I have changed my attitude, cut out the negativity in my life, and focused more on myself and family. Start with that:)

  2. Just follow along. For me, extreme cleanses don't work that great, because there is always the backlash of rebellion to balance it out. I assure you, eating clean and lean, but eating will be much more effective. Replacing bad habits with the good is key. ANd sometimes we have to act our way not correct thinking. So don't wait for anything. Just begin. Good luck!