Monday, June 10, 2013

The Power Of The Word

Your body responds to your thoughts and hears everything you say. It's time you start paying attention to your habitual patterns of speech and the words you use. Each time that you speak, take a moment to hear yourself in a detached way. Is the tone of the words you are using negative? If so, is there another way that you can say what you want from a more positive position?

Reframing our declarations to reflect a positive perspective will not only alter the way that others perceive and receive (and therefore respond to) you. It effects your own chemistry. The body is affected energetically by the vibration, tone and charge of your words.

An example: I may say something like, "I used to be able to run, but my knees are bad." But what I mean is, "I started listening to what my body wanted, and I decided to slow down and move in ways that felt better to me."

Many times, I catch myself speaking to myself in a way that is unkind. If I really listen, I can hear the sound of my voice, and remember being spoken to that way when I was little. It hurt me then, and when I repeat that as an adult, I am reminded on a cellular level and brought back to that time.

With awareness, all of that changes. It is now a proven scientific fact that the observer of an experiment alters the outcome of the experiment. May you now begin your own experiment. Begin to hear yourself, and notice when the tone is negative. Simply noticing will already shift things. Soon, you will become adept at rewording and reframing your declarations.

The word is very powerful. Your words are magical, and carry a vibration and energetic charge. Words are like your own incantation or magic spell. Choose them wisely this week.


  1. Wow! You caught me with this post right in the midst of a negative self talk. Thanks for putting pause on that destructive conversation with myself!!

  2. Well said. Yeah, too many of us think anger creates some powerful kinetic energy that pushes us towards success or THE WIN. When.. it's scientifically proven that in an angered state one's mind and body work at approx. half capacity. Anger = failure. Tho' I find it's a constant battle to morph the neg. thoughts into positive ones. Sigh. We need more reminders and info like this... Very helpful piece! Thanks!