Monday, April 1, 2013

Less Mind, More Heart=Freedom, Rebirth

Freedom from slavery, and rebirth. Springtime themes encourage a deep cleanse: freedom from outdated ideas, beliefs, and habits. In order to have a new vision, a beginner's mind is a must. Feeling stuck in old emotions, physical clutter and mental blocks keep me a slave to outdated behaviors. Finding ways to symbolically break those ties and become reborn can be a gesture to the Universe that says "I'm Ready!"

I am doing the usual Spring cleaning:

Yes. I still have some. 45 years, and I'm still working some of the childhood wounds out. This past week, I allowed myself to relive and release some old long-standing emotional wounds. Thanks to Stuck No More for letting my little heart soar.

Nothing like a little meditation to soothe like a salve upon the scattered thought forms floating around in there. Loved me some Deepak and Oprah to reignite and support me through the past 21 days in a group meditation with all of you.

Each Spring and Fall, I do a clean up. It's not so much that the rest of the year I let it all go, but it is my gesture to pressing the reset button. A 3-day juice fast is my challenge of choice this year and today is my last day. Add one part hot yoga, and sweat it out. And then, of course, clearing my space of anything that is no longer useful.

This is the best time of year to start something new! So after a clearing, get out your vision boards, your intentions, plant the seeds for all the new projects you had in mind for 2013. Now is the time! Ready? Go!

UPDATE SINCE LAST NIGHT: I visited a Hindu temple, and gashed my foot on a  shard of ceramic. Someone advised: Slow down. Less Mind, More Heart. I leave you with that.

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