Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day

I was at a party this weekend and the topic of "earthing" came up. We happened to be sitting on the ground, picnic-style. (Okay, I admit, I was sitting on an outdoor bean bag...but my feet were on the earth.) The practice of earthing is literally spending 30 minutes sitting and making contact with the earth. As simple as this may sound, it is just as rare.

When we were children, rolling on the grass, tumbling, and forgetting our shoes at a friend's house or at school was almost a weekly occurrence. As adults, our feet rarely touch the earth. This incredible resource and planet that we live on and the energy of Nature can be forgotten under the paved roads and sidewalks of our neighborhoods. Scooting around from Starbucks to Starbucks (only four blocks away), we can lose a sense of the true calming and integrative nature of Nature.

In honor of Earth Day, find ways to earth yourself regularly all this week.

Ways to earth yourself:

  • Walk barefooted on grass for 30 minutes.
  • Have a picnic. Sitting on the earth will ground and nourish you. Feel gravity pulling you to Mother Earth herself.
  • Practice long holds in yoga. Holding a posture for a minute or longer allows your core and your muscles to engage. Settle into your posture and notice all of the subtle changes.
  • Take a nature hike. Observe your senses. The smells, sounds, and feeling of the air, or the pebbles under your feet. See the beauty all around you.
  • Visit a farmer's market and eat fresh foods from nature.

In order to become present, like a child, consider taking 30 minutes a day to observe nature this week.

The seeds have been planted. Now nurture your seedling and watch your tree grow.

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