Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yoga, the Wave of Music

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Wanderlust Festival, along with a select group of yoga practitioners, teachers and Lululemon wearers. We yoga-ed and surfed by day on the North shore of Hawaii, and by night we danced to Michael Franti, Craig Kohland & Shaman's Dream, and more.

As the weekend progressed, my personal rhythm became clear: Play. I found myself on an island with a thousand people I didn't know, who were willing to play. At his outdoor concert during the day, Michael Franti began to lead what felt like an enormous school yard game. We began dancing alone, then with a partner, then in a circle of six, circles of twelve, and soon circles of fifty. Soon there were two circles of five hundred...and finally one large circle. He had us do the wave, and then run across the grassy field to hug a random stranger that we love. It reminded me, that we are like children at play. Yoga and Music. The waves pounding consistently in the background. My heart. Beating from within. Life! 

Why did it take so long? It still seems revolutionary (and a little bit naughty) to practice to music that moves me. Back in the early days, the yoga class was internal, serious, and silent. The austerity that accompanied the group yoga classes distracted us, fighting with the no-fun of the practice.

Today it is common practice to include music. Everything from hip-hop to classic rock is used in many of your local classes, giving yoga a looser energy. For me, yoga is about play, becoming detached from my judgement, critical mind, and separateness. In this way, I can see how this new movement—this wave of yoga and music—has brought with it a change in the world energy.

How natural it feels to move to your favorite tunes. Music, the vibrational art form, expresses itself through the conduit of your body. Yoga is a dance. The rhythmic focus of breath and movement mirrors our own natural environment. Just like a wave that moves through the ocean. The water is simply a conductor of the energy forces that affect it. You too are largely water, and you are conducting the elements and energies that play through you.

The rhythm of the ocean, breath, and body energies move with the sounds and vibrations of positive music. Since I am not musically trained, my body has become my interpretive instrument for the spirit of sound. Thanks to this magical, and incredible medium: Music! This yokes it all together. YO!GA

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