Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The End is the Beginning

Today marks the end of the astrological calendar. The culmination of all the year's energies encompasses the total sum of all parts. The saying that we must close one door to open another comes to light here. This is a time to review and release all that you have integrated and become this past year.
In order to realign with the new energies, we must say goodbye to the old.

A ritual of release may be a meditation, followed by writing down all of the people, places, and things, as well as old habits and thought patterns that you release. You may write this out and burn it to ignite your inner fire, as you send it up to the ethers. Or perhaps you will want to ritualize this letting go with an offering to the ocean or a moving body of water. Rose petals or fruit that you offer to the primordial soup to which you belong.

Life, it seems to me, is a long stream of letting go.

Letting go of loved ones.
Letting go of old beliefs.
Letting go of habits that no longer serve.
Letting go of youth.
Letting go of jobs, relationships, projects we have long since completed.
Letting go of judgement and wishing things were different.

My life is a lot of big and little letting go's. Each chapter that I close, involves a loss. A grieving. But really, a celebration. What joy to be complete. What peace to put to rest a piece of my puzzle.

I encourage you to sit with the feelings you have as you consciously release the past, and open fully to this present moment.

I recently revamped my New Year's resolution/intention from: To Receive. The revision being: To Receive What Is In Alignment With the Highest Expression Of Myself.

The end is the beginning.

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