Monday, February 18, 2013


You are a drop of water in the vast sea of humanity...This analogy makes it so easy to understand the concept of interconnectedness. (Inner connectedness.) The atoms and molecules that make up your body have been around for eternity in various forms, and will be around long after you have passed. It is beyond a mirror...We are one.

No matter what country you are in, we look up at the same moon in the sky from different vantage points. Along the same lines, the effects of one person's actions have an effect on so many others they have never seen. This makes each being very important and insignificant all at once. What you do has a direct effect upon me.

I have always had the desire to merge with the All, yet the have the fear of losing myself completely into it. This feeling of being joyfully submerged appears when I am immersed in the dream state, meditation, and sometimes an awesome yoga practice or spinning class. Immersion is the closest I get to being present in a body and disappearing into the void simultaneously. At other times, I absorb the undefinable feelings into my body. Thinking, perhaps that I am tired...I remember that I am like a sponge, and could be picking up on many things surrounding me.

Escape is one expression of the undefinable. Sometimes escape can be creative. An escape artist. The above painting was painted when I needed to get away, and it was an expression of a feeling I was having at the time. This coincided with the end of a relationship. I did not know it then. But see the meditating pregnant woman, about to birth something, yet the head hangs down. She sits before the darkness and the unknown. Yet Spring is near.

Endings and beginnings. Endings and beginnings. It seems that life just cycles this way. Winter becomes Spring.

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