Monday, February 11, 2013

I Have My Heart On! Love Your Body

We want it. We give it. We receive it. We long for it, yearn for it, miss it, embody it.

Universal Love
Unconditional Love
Unrequited Love
Romantic Love
Brotherly Love
Spiritual Love

We love love! One thing we can all agree on: love is a driving force for one and all. Certainly the one day that we devote to love, Valentine's Day, cannot live up to all of that. One thing we can do is provide it for ourselves.

My main relationship in my life has been my body. It's been with me through all of the ups and downs. The career changes, the love affairs, the trying times, and the peak moments. Every day I wake up and there she is. My greatest gift. I have played this relationship with my body in many ways. I have been hard on her, demanding perfection. I have ignored her and put her last on the priority list. I have compared her to others and tried to whip her into shape, I have wished she was different, and I have indulged her. I have honored, elevated, adored and been gentle with her. She's gone through adolescence, has been beaten, loved, and has been a real money maker for me. My body gets me where I need to go. Pulls the life force energy through herself. She digests, ingests, and is an absolute miracle. As the years have gone on, I have learned to treat this body with the care and respect she deserves. She knows better than I do. When work was too much, she put me on my back. When I didn't see love, she pulled me in that direction. I heart my body! I had the opportunity to work with the Body Heart project (see above photo), which empowers women through loving the body AS IS. And that is what I encourage you to do this Heart Day.

Ways to pamper:
Partner Yoga
Self Massage
Supported Bridge Pose (below)

Come to your back, legs bent and feet hip-width apart. Start with your arms by your sides. Bring your heels up to your tush. Make sure your feet are straight and parallel. Take a deep inhale. On the exhale, pull the belly in and tuck your pelvis under, keep peeling your spine off of the floor, one vertebrae at a time. Push the feet down in order to lift the hips up. Keep your chin tucked. Place a block underneath your sacrum and allow it to support you.

Enjoy, and remember, your self-love is contagious, so spread it!

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