Monday, January 7, 2013

2013: Receive

Happy New Year, everyone!

As we enter 2013 with all of our hopes and plans for the year ahead, it's important to take a step back to realize that Wintertime is a hibernation period, a time best used to ruminate over the past, release what is not working, and set a course of action towards a better tomorrow (best executed in Spring). During this time, we can create a deliberate terrain for ourselves that we can navigate. The key is how to maintain a sense of presence as we do this. How to simply "Be".

When creating resolutions, rather than limit myself to a specific goal, I try to create a theme. Something like "The Year of Gratitude" or "The Year of Responsibility" or "Feel Joy Wherever I Go". This way, I leave myself open and give myself a positive mindset without expectations or limitations. Please tune in to Beyond Blind Spots, where I discuss how to use exercise to help create career goals. I have several manifestations of that, that I have built up to this year, one tiny action at a time, until the momentum took over. Ironically, this year is my year to "Be Receptive."

Now I am in a moment of recognition. With this "Be Receptive" theme, I am already noticing the patterns that hold me back. My need to "do" something, or have an accomplishment to lean on and qualify me, or have a purpose are all fine qualities and have all served in some way, but they do not serve the new paradigm.

I notice that when I do not have an immediate task or purpose, and I am among others, I feel very awkward and uncomfortable. This is new behavior for me. I feel quite shy and defenseless, even insecure. When I reached further into this, I asked myself why is it that I am seeking security. Maybe I can simply just allow insecurity, because I cannot know what may happen this year as I open myself to receive. The foundation I have been standing on is, in fact, slipping away. It must.

With the daunting task of opening imminently before me, I make sure to balance myself with plenty of time for meditation, walking to slow myself down, and journaling to ease my mind. 2013 begins with a bang as of January 11th (my birthday!). I remember to take a step back and look at the big picture, and I remind myself, "Don't just do something. Sit there."

Friday's energetic doorway is 2013's first new moon on January 11th (...did I mention that's my birthday?). This is an optimal time to plant your seeds. This is a hit-the-ground-running new moon. Contemplate the desired goal. Often a declaration is all that is needed. I actually felt that nobody in my world took a work break this holiday! When this is the case, I must build respite into my daily routine.

If you have not yet chosen a theme for your year, try invoking a quality you would like to embody. And make it your mantra throughout the year.


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