Monday, March 12, 2012


As we enter the last week of Winter, we find our last opportunity to go inward and pull away from the external world before we plant the seeds for Spring. This is a very good time to ruminate and carve out a space just for you; a retreat time for allowing less output. Our culture is addicted to producing and consuming more and more, but there must be balance. We don't always have to be at the top of our game. In fact, it is much more natural to ride the waves - the ebb and flow of life. Nature, in general, is cyclical, so sometimes we do need to take a break. By bathing, hiking, or walking by the ocean, we can cleanse ourselves of energetic debris we may have picked up throughout the day. If you take a spa day at home, and give yourself space to replenish yourself and fill your own cup, you will have more to give others. 

I recently moved from a very urban loft space to a more secluded retreat-type home. Now my home has become a retreat for me. Being surrounded by trees, mountains and nature, I feel my body and my nervous system settling. At first, the silence was almost too still. It felt stagnant. However, I quickly realized that I was sleeping very well in this new spot. It was as if a healing was happening that could only occur with Nature's anesthesia: SLEEP! I decided to take advantage of this period in my life and do what nature is guiding me to do. Sleep and retreat!

Sleep has become a valuable commodity these days. There is even a recent media trend linking it to good health and weight loss. The body does it's most important work of healing and repairing itself while we are asleep. Sleeping helps to reduce and eliminate stress, which helps our bodies to function more efficiently when we are awake. Think about it, if you tried to work 12 hours straight, you would probably be less efficient than if you took breaks during that period. Taking a rest is way more effective than constantly pushing through. Our bodies and our nervous systems need down-time, and it is even crucial to our mental health that we dream so that our subconscious mind can sort out what it has stored.

The dream state is very powerful and revealing. Just last week, the night of my father's birthday, he visited me in a dream. It felt like a real visitation. The current energetic template feels very rich for all of us, in terms of the dream state. I find myself paying more and more attention to my dreams, and considering it my night school. During my years on beautiful planet Earth, I have taken periods of time to write down my dreams in a journal when I awaken, so that I can better understand my own psyche.

Pay attention to your dreams. Try to allow yourself time for naps and rest periods. For some extra help, this Siddatech flower essence product may aid you. Many people take CalMag. Or try a forward bend or legs-up-the-wall savasana. Allow yourself a night time ritual to aid you in your restful sleep. And remember, your body does some of its best work while you are asleep.

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