Monday, March 5, 2012

Bliss Artist

Immersion in art is a meditation an expression of something words cannot express. You don't have to be an incredible painter to paint. My mother was a great artist and taught me to draw in the lines like she did. I was considered a very good artist because what I drew was lifelike. But as I grew, I found that my true style is more childlike or whimsical and that is how I enjoy painting today. I have recently been drawing for 10 minutes a day, and simply allowing my mind to go. I am often surprised and delighted with my own art, as if I am my own child. I encourage you to find an art form that you can enjoy and be like a child. No intellect. Open and compassionate. From the heart.

"The Artist's Way" is a really fun handbook, if you want to shake up your life for a month and live like an Artist. Especially when I am in an in-between place, this book has been a great kickstart. Every morning, I would begin my day writing 3 pages stream of consciousness - just freestyle journaling. If you are wanting to live like an artist, this is the month to do it. Some of you may paint pictures with your words. Henry Miller was both an author and a painter. The beauty of art is that is an expression that comes through the vessel that is you. What if you already are an author, a poet, an artist, an actor?

Music and dance are other forms of wordless expression and communication. Please find my Music Lounge section and allow the music to move you. Try adding music to your yoga practice. I have always loved music, yet cannot play an instrument or carry a tune, so the way I express music is through body movement. In fact, almost anything you do or create can be infused with the artist that lives within you.

Yoga is a healing art, so you can also imagine your body as a work in progress. Imagine you are a sculptor reshaping and redefining your body. Or revealing the beautiful form from beneath the layers. Or sanding away and polishing, creating a smooth surface. When you are imagining your body as a work of art, see your best self. But don't draw inside the lines!

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