Monday, March 20, 2017

Plant Your Garden

Spring is here! It's action time. Now you plant the seeds for what you wish to grow. What is left after the deepening Winter rumination? There were many little deaths of what was complete. You gazed upon the baron field of ties that no longer work or what has lost its usefulness with a keen and sober eye.

Now the open field is fertile. Well worn, soft and ready to receive the seeds of what's to come. Listen to the little voice that called to you from that thumb-sized cave inside your heart. What does that little voice say? The earth wants to know your dreams now. It wants to feel your fire, for the actions you take in Spring are swift and instant. It's time to be bold with your wants; with your actions.

As for me, I wait still, but with intent and with purpose. My discoveries have revealed mostly my need for freedom, but also connection. I found my passion for culture and travel in a grounded way where I could deepen my relationships with old and new friends. I visited neighborhoods unlike my own, yet walking the familiar path of daily tasks and joy seeking. More of this, please.

I want more "let's go!" more eye gazing, hand holding, laughter and simplicity. More cafes with chatter in the background, more nature trips in wild places, more conversation, food sharing and errands we can do together. More exploring on my own (thank you Waze and Google Maps) in between routines of exercise, making meals and meditation. These were my points of interest. The living life that I have read about in books.

More YES. More travel. More adventure. More play. More of me in the present moment. More and more of me. That's what I want.

When in Maui, I ate a papaya that was bigger than my head for breakfast. I found it in my friends' garden. It was sweet, juicy and delicious. I ate it all. I did not hesitate. I swam naked. In rivers, in the ocean, in the warmth of the sun. I took ecstatic dance classes and restorative yoga.

When in Paris, I walked in the rain on cobblestone, found a secret bar behind a taco place, drank coffee and champagne. I ate whipped cream, croissants and brioche. I saw great architecture, art and brushed by Anna Wintour in a hallway at the Ritz during fashion week. I practiced yoga in French.

When in the Bay Area I walked steep hills, went to a Turn On, attended an interview at City Arts and Lectures by Roxane Gay. I opened my mind, ate pizza, took spinning and hot yoga. Chatted with friends old and new.

I spent time with my friends, went to school basketball games, was served yerba mate and babysat. I cohabitated with many animals, mostly cats and dogs. I attended many funerals.

I meditated exercised and journaled daily for grounding. Everything else was up in the air.

Today I plant a seed here with you.
More please.
More of me.
More connection.
More joy.
More play.
More freedom.
More YES.
More fruit that is bigger than my head.


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