Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Field Trip to the Omega Institute

Nature is the norm at Omega.
I see the light.
Nothing reminds me of my childhood education for experiential learning more than my annual trip to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. Omega, being the last letter of the Greek alphabet implies completion or integration and the sound:"o". "Oh"is precisely the way I feel after a weekend spent there. My mind feels wide open, my heart serenely settled, my body unwound. Yes, I am there as the leader. The teacher is really an advanced student whose learning comes from being a pioneer and leading the group, and what better setting to learn and grow than the grounds at Omega.

From one of my walks.
The acres of forest and sustainability upon which this retreat center is founded provides an open setting and environment to support any modality of study for exploration. From the lake to the nature trails, the vegetable and herb gardens, the oval stone sanctuary and the human treasures found along the way. All available as stepping stones towards a journey into the self. A journey that one can only take alone, but at Omega we do so in community. Most of the staff at Omega are volunteers, which speaks volumes for its value. These beautiful and intelligent beings facilitate all of the workshops with support in setting up the workshop rooms, making the meals from the organic fruit, herb and vegetables grown on the grounds(as well as local farmers) and keep the spartan cabins and dorms clean.
A ritual for you

Full Moon in Pisces!
Imagine my delight to be amongst the other workshop leaders like Stephen Forrest, one of my favorite astrologers, in line at the cafeteria (an experience in itself!). I attended some of the open activities that are scheduled daily during the workshop break time. I took a lovely 7am yoga class in a  mostly glass room that looks out to the woods. I practiced mindfulness meditation in the oval sanctuary. I even went to an awesome two hour demonstration of medium Lisa Williams who was teaching a workshop there as well. People from all of the workshops, Tony Horton's P90X, the Shambala Center, motivational speakers, astrology students all gathered to see if they could make contact with a relative who had passed on.

bliss by the lake
The intimate group of intelligent and curious students who I lead were a delight. In showing up for my practice, which is being open to teaching and being open to the student, I found myself with a classroom full of gifted teachers themselves. Each reflecting an aspect of me, each revealing to me more lovable parts of myself. Within this setting, we felt protected and in an intimate environment for exploration. What would we find?

The word that seemed to permeate the space and that penetrated my heart so deeply was: Gratitude.

So grateful for the opportunity to connect with you all this way. May our continued journey bring the sweetness of connection and the space for the individual. Experiential learning is just the best!

The Omega "goodbye" committee

Man and nature together. Treasures. 

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